Canadian SaaS companies are rejuvenating Ottawa’s tech scene [Portfolio]

At the nation’s capital, the tech sector is experiencing a renaissance due in part to Canadian SaaS companies.

Nearly two decades ago, Ottawa was poised to become a technology powerhouse, fueled by a strong telecom sector which included Newbridge Networks and its numerous spin-offs. Corel CEO Michael Cowpland believed he could take on Microsoft by buying WordPerfect. There was a general feeling that the city could be more than a sleepy government town as feds were shedding jobs to balance the books. The concept of Canadian SaaS companies was yet to be born.

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B2B firms’ commerce goals outpacing their digital capabilities, study finds [Portfolio]

Those pesky legacy systems could be costing you a big business deal.

CloudCraze’s recently released 2017 B2B Digital Commerce Imperative Report found that for many B2B brands, legacy commerce systems are proving to be a barrier to digital transformation, preventing organizations from providing the agile, flexible buying experience customers demand.

In fact, the report found that as many as 70 per cent of companies have lost a business deal because of an ordering-specific pain point, and 31 per cent say they’ve missed out on at least $2 million in sales. According to CloudCraze, these numbers reflect an inability to accommodate the complex needs of today’s buyer because as a B2B business, they are relying on outdated commerce systems: More than 65 per cent last updated their systems more than two years ago, before Software-as-Service (SaaS) had matured.

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