Networking 2014: Putting SDN To The Test [Portfolio]

Network ComputingIncreased data center virtualization will drive enterprises to develop software-defined networking pilot projects in 2014, and network security will remain a priority as organizations grapple with the BYOD trend, experts said.

Infonetics Research’s “2013 Data Center and SDN Strategies: North American Enterprise Survey” found that respondents expect more than half of the servers in their data centers will be virtualized by 2015, and this uptake of virtual servers as well as switches will pave the way for SDN. Read my full article on Network Computing.

Ospcode’s Private Chef Gets Cooking with Facebook [Portfolio]

The latest version of Opscode’s Private Chef is now available and has been deployed by Facebook to automate systems configuration in the social network’s Web-tier infrastructure, including thousands of servers. Private Chef uses the codebase of Opscode Chef 11, also just released, and features a new management console and centralized activity reporting. [Read more on Network Computing]